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The Latin word Artifex has several meanings. Indicates the perfect craftsman, artist, author, trainer and scientist. Artifex is a master hand, the one who combines, in every imaginable field of human activity, knowledge and art, theory and practice, wisdom and method, idea and action, truth and beauty in sound design and effective implementation. For a company as ours, Artifex could not be a more appropriate and comprehensive description. Welcome to the wonderful and inexhaustible world of Artifex...

Artifex is active in the field of organization of cultural, arts and scientific conferences and festivals, as well as in themed tourism and human resource training.
It is staffed by professionals with long-standing experience and extensive technical expertise, and cooperates with many state and private organizations as well as with scientists and eminent experts. 

The objective of the company is to provide state-of-the-art services which meet the specific and increased demands of our times and to satisfy even the highest expectations. Thus the company invests in outstanding flexible and innovative high quality services, relying on continuing education in the latest developments and a client-centered approach. 

The philosophy of the company is to continue to open opportunities in both new and established or saturated markets with programs which offer a breath of fresh air! Its methodology aims to deliver attractive strategies which are rewarding for our clients, to manage financial aspects rationally so that costs are minimized and the benefits are maximized, and to apply practices which result in productive partnerships and strategic alliances. 

For us, each event, regardless of size, is a unique occasion which deserves to be a memorable one. We serve this objective to the full with the utmost integrity and responsibility.