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For Artifex a sense of corporate social responsibility is not meaningless or pretty empty words. We have a human centred conception of our activity so, we must respect and count on fundamental human values and parameters. If we derive benefits from the community, we must in some way to reciprocate. So we accept corporate and personal liability that corresponds to us.

Having the above for granted, each year and entirely disinterestedly, we organize some charitable or environmental events (lectures, workshops, symposium) aimed to: a) relieve the weakest social groups (disabled, children, elderly people) who are needy, b) improve the quality of our lives and c) to support charitable institutions / organizations.

The choice is based upon concrete and fair criteria. If you are interested in this program for free organizing events, please send us an e-mail or fax the details and the profile of the organization, association or institution you represent or to which you are an active member, giving an overview of the proposal and your purpose and we will contact you.