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The art of war

Survival and development, stability and expansion: the balance between these twin poles, which secures profits, influence and prosperity, is the goal of every 搊rganism (business, state, group, person). In an effort to better serve this goal, particularly in a globalized, volatile and competitive environment, knowledge of the methods of the 揳rt of war is a very useful and valuable weapon. It is not by chance that the principles of competitive strategy, as defined in the works of the great teachers of the past, are taught today in the most renowned Business Schools ...



Rhetoric is defined as the art of persuasion and communication. It is an ancient art with a rich repertory, which was perfected in Ancient Greece, continued in Rome and the Byzantine Empire and today comes back to us, borrowed from the West (a small part of it is the most well known sales techniques). The effectiveness of this theoretical and practical seminar is well proven and there are many benefits to be gained from it. Indicatively......

Open mind and positive thinking


We start from a basic observation. People today suffer from a lack of meaning in their lives and are dominated by negativity: being unable to face a variety of problems, constantly accumulating grief and suffering. The circumstances themselves are not responsible for this per se, the primary issue is the 搘ay we perceive and evaluate them. Building on the legacy and spirit of the wisdom of ancient cultures, and incorporating lessons from the most advanced modern studies on this issue, we have created an innovative educational program with a purely practical purpose, which can help us to see the flow of events and problems from a different perspective.... more


Relaxation and energy support


In modern-day life we face a variety of problems which hamper our ability to act creatively and effectively. One of the most common is that we experience intense pressure and feel drained of vitality and energy. If we could find a way to release accumulated tensions, this would help us to live life in a better and fuller way, beyond worry, fear and negative emotions. If we can find a way to empower the body and soul with greater energy we will not feel inadequate, tired, irritable, and impatient or blocked so frequently. With this training program...

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural communication has become today one of the necessary prerequisites for successful communication with others. The cultivation of intercultural knowledge and acquisition of effective and tailored to the needs of others in two main ways: a) the approach and contact with each other, regardless of cultural identity, to create a relationship of comfort, trust and respect, and b) the wealth of Greek hospitality and the elements of Greek culture to offer in a way that is understandable and relevant to the temperament of each recipient.